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PrestaShop - The E-commerce Platform

PrestaShop is a widely used open-source e-commerce platform for creating online stores. It provides a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, businesses, and developers looking to create and manage professional e-commerce websites. Here is a complete description of PrestaShop:

1. Open-Source E-commerce Platform:

PrestaShop is an open-source solution, which means it is free to use and customizable to meet the user's specific needs. Users can access the source code and tailor it to their unique requirements.

2. User-Friendly:

PrestaShop is known for its user-friendliness. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows users, even those without advanced technical skills, to effortlessly create and manage their online stores.

3. Wide Range of Features:

PrestaShop offers a multitude of essential features for managing an online store, including product management, order processing, customer management, payment options, shipping, promotions, statistics, and more. It supports unlimited product catalogs, customization options, inventory management, and much more.

4. Customizable Themes and Designs:

PrestaShop provides a wide selection of themes and online store templates that enable users to customize the appearance of their website to match their brand. It also offers complete customization freedom through flexible design tools.

5. Extensions and Modules:

PrestaShop boasts a vast library of extensions and modules, both free and paid, that add additional functionalities to the online store. Users can integrate payment systems, marketing tools, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and more.

6. Integrated SEO and Marketing:

PrestaShop integrates SEO features to help online stores improve their visibility in search engines. It also offers marketing tools such as promotional codes, loyalty programs, newsletters, and more.

7. Multi-Store Management:

For businesses managing multiple online stores, PrestaShop offers multi-store management functionality, allowing all stores to be managed from a single admin interface.

8. Active Community:

PrestaShop has an active and engaged online community of users, developers, and contributors who share tips, tricks, and resources to help others succeed.

9. Technical Support:

PrestaShop offers various paid technical support options, including email support, phone support, as well as detailed documentation to address common issues.

10. Security:

PrestaShop places a high emphasis on the security of online stores. It provides regular updates to protect websites against potential threats.

In summary, PrestaShop is a highly popular open-source e-commerce solution that offers comprehensive features, easy customization, a strong support community, and a variety of options for users and businesses looking to create a professional online store. It is suitable for both small and large enterprises and enables efficient and secure online product sales.

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We will install your offer as soon as possible after access to your server has been restored.

How do I provide my server access?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email to the address attached to your customer account. We will ask you for the necessary access to support your order:

  • FTP Access
  • Database Access
  • Access to your host’s account (if necessary for server configuration or if you cannot find the above accesses yourself)

These accesses are usually provided to you in an email by your hosting provider during the subscription. They can be found via your dashboard.

We support you live if you have problems finding them.

I am not satisfied with the service or my environment is not ready.

No problem, we will refund you immediately. We can also advise and technically intervene so that your server is ready to receive your order.

Reviews (4)

4 Reviews

I didn’t want to risk doing it myself, now I’m sure to start on a good basis.
By Vladimirs on 07/28/2023

Working fine.
By Joshua on 06/12/2023

Très satisfait du travail réalisé, rapide et propre.
By Julien on 06/08/2023

Thanks for the fast delivery.
By Liam on 05/03/2023

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